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I'm Skyler. I am an exotic dancer and model from Arizona. I recently was crowned Miss Nude Arizona for 2009 and I am sharing some of my modeling pictures and lifestyle here.

Private Shows/Bachelor Parties

I offer the hottest shows for private engagements, bachelor parties, birthdays or any other occassion.

My shows are full nude and very sexy!

1 Hour- $200.00
1 1/2 Hours- $300.00
2 Hours- $350.00
Toys, Baby Oil and Whipped Cream are extra.
Lapdances are extra for bachelor and other parties.

This is the base price and does not include tips.

I reserve the right to charge extra for driving over 1 hour and for my bodyguard/driver.

Thanks for Voting! My poster theme has been chosen...

I will be shooting my poster next week in Las Vegas.

I will be using the theme from option #1.

I will announce how much it will be and where you can buy it online.

Las Vegas

I will be working in Las Vegas 2 weeks a month starting this week.

I am available for private shows there as well as my club shows.

The theme for my Miss Nude Poster shall be...

19 again!

I was 19 when this was taken!
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